December 7th 2019

Labour in Flood of Support

Not long now, but again another night with a huge turn out of my supporters getting yet more information out to the local electors.
It is getting a habit seeing dozens of Labour supporters out in Wednesfield North delivering speaking and chatting with electors. One Lady in Springhill estate was commenting on the number of times we have been to her home!

The weather is now a cause for concern....if its not the vote its the weather! Candidates worry about everything that there is to worry about. But today no encounters with dogs, other than a walk this morning with a man with a greyhound up on Lichfield Road.

Every corner of the Ward has had Labour supporters treading over it. There has been a huge effort from my supporters and I thank them for it. The messages of support are starting to come in both by telephone and email. If you want to leave me a message please do so. Telephone number is 01922 403960. If you want a lift to the Polling booth ring the number and some one will respond. Or email me on and we will again respond.

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Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 29th April 2008