December 13th 2019

Throbbing Left Knee !

The election campaign is now into its last week. With a throbbing left knee and a wife that is complaining of sciatica the campaign end cannot come soon enough!
Again today we have had a big crowd out delivering even through the morning rain. But we have done well getting the main address out so quickly. In fact the team started on Friday night and the job was finished Sunday morning. Hats off to my helpers they were fabulous.

But there is still much to be done even at this late stage. I keep getting casework, which I suppose the reasoning is, give it him now in case he loses on Thursday!

There is some logic in that thinking so Sunday night was taken writing it up. Now everyone wants to know how you think it is going? I have been saying all along that this year is going to be difficult. The Labour Party on Sunday were 10 points behind the Conservatives in the National polls. This is feeding through into the local Polls and makes Labour activists jumpy.

Me I am a Labour loyalist, but as the day gets closer to the City Council elections, you just want the London lot to come up with a good headline or two. Sunday was all about selling books! It did none of us any good to hear the claim and counter claim all over the news, as to who said what, about the opposition.

I received some cheery waves and some encouraging comment as we campaigned on Ashmore Park. It is disappointing to see BNP literature displayed in some homes. But I am still confident that years of hard work will be recognised by the electorate. So as we come to the final part of City Council Elections 2008 tired legs are still turning for the Labour Party.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 28th April 2008