January 22nd 2021

Calling Bingo!

During the course of this election campaign I have enjoyed being out and about meeting people and chatting to them about their needs, their requirements and their general views on life.
We have a very vibrant community living here in Wednesfield North and they have a whole range of different clubs that are active through out the week.

I have found it exciting and some what humbling to be invited to attend so many of these activities.

Here I am being instructed in the art of 'Bingo Calling' something that I have always wanted to do. Bingo appears to be a must for many of our residents, but the way I called the numbers and the reaction that I received leads me to believe that a 'Bingo ' career is not the way forward!

Remember its less than a week now before the election. Vote Phil Bateman Labour X

Author: Phil bateman

Article Date: 25th April 2008