December 7th 2019

Visiting MP Gives Approval To City!

Quentin,Ken & Phil Meeting Barney and his Owner!

Quentin Davies MP for Grantham and Stamford along with Ken Purchase MP, met residents from Wednesfield North this morning for a discussion about the forth coming City Council Elections.

Handing out the Danish!

The MP's met residents then went on a visit to the Essington and Wyrley canal that winds its way through Wednesfield. Quentin Davies MP spoke of the need to inform residents that the Labour Party were the only party that had real policy. He reminded the residents that were present about the great achievements that had been made on child poverty, the minimum wage, and that the local hospital trust had hardly any waiting lists. That the City Council had been praised as it had received a 'three star' rating and it is clearly seen nationally as a local authority that was fast improving.

He also warned residents to beware the Conservative spin. He warned that the Conservatives have no answers,they had turned into a Party of sound bites.

Residents Meet MP's & Give Approval

He was delighted with the response he received and thought the canal improvements were ideal, certainly lots of residents were walking and using the facility during the visit.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 21st April 2008