December 13th 2019

Vote For Phil Bateman Again Labour X

Local Elections are just that-Local Elections!

With just days to go now before the May 1st City Council Elections, I would urge electors in Wednesfield North to consider closely what type of City Councillor they want. One that has a vision for the future and who is active, not only in the Ward but in the City Council Chamber. Or do you want more of the same. Councillors that have no drive, who sit quietly, always against everything but never for anything!

I would urge you to consider my record as your City Councillor, it compares well with the best, and I also live locally. Again I am the only candidate that lives here with you in the Ward.

So come May 1st I urge you to vote for Phil Bateman Labour!


Article Date: 25th April 2008