December 13th 2019

Twenty Five Good Reasons To Vote Phil Bateman On May 1st

Skate Park Delivery

Well the Sunday Newspapers are saying it like it is! Labour are a whopping 16% behind in the opinion polls and that will give great impetus to the Conservatives. But I have to say that I am getting great local support from right across all the neighbourhoods that make up Wednesfield North.

Wednesfield Canal Nature Reserve

In local elections people are voting for the Councillor that can 'do the job' for their community. The Councillor that is in touch with local neighbourhoods, that is part of the very fabric of the community that they the voter are part of themselves.

Being a Labour Party candidate will be difficult, but I am still buoyed in my quest for re-election by the fact that people in this community of Wednesfield North know that I fight on their behalf. During the course of the decades that I have represented them in the City Council I have always been a ferocious campaigner for our community. I think local people will recognise that.

They will recognise the great strides that the city has made over the last decade. They will see £ billions of new investment that will be coming to the City over the next years and they will respond.

I am very much standing on my record in this 2008 City Council election campaign, and here are 25 good reason's for Wednesfield North's electorate continuing to place their vote alongside my name on May 1st.

25Good Reasons to Vote for Councillor Phil Bateman MBE on Election Day!

Phil has been active in politics in Wednesfield for 30 years during this period has been instrumental or has made a contribution in attaining many of the policies and projects that today are taken for granted!

Here are 25 Good reasons for Voting for Phil Bateman Labour on the 1st May.

1. Provision of the Midland Metro Rapid Transit System.

2. Native trees in High Street Wednesfield

3. Ashmore Park Youth Barn extensions

4. Road Safety Schemes Linthouse Lane

5. Parking schemes across Wednesfield North

6. Trees pruned in Kitchen Lane

7. The car park extensions on Ashmore Park Shopping Parade

8. Extension of the service road Ashmore Park Shopping Parade

9. New block paving and enhancement of the Shopping Parade

10. Planting of trees on the ‘Red Bank’ & improving the ecology

11. Supported construction of the BMX Track

12. Supporter of Wednesfield Aces continued development

13. Supporting Police and Law & Order issues

14. Improvements to the environment of the Essington & Wyrley canal

15. Objecting to Telecommunications Masts Lichfield Road ,Wood End, Kitchen Lane

16. Tree felled in Barnard Road

17. Argued successfully for the retention of the housing covenant in Barnard Road

18. Cleared Rubbish From Alleyways

19. Holds regular Surgery’s for All Residents

20. Refurbishment of footways & lighting Wyvern Park

21. Advocate of Coppice High School Development

22. Successfully objected to closure of ‘Public Right of Way’ Broad Lane North- New Invention

23. Supporting £1m new Children’s Centre under construction on Ashmore Park

24. Advocate & supporter of Skate Park on Ashmore Park

25. Helped scores of constituents into new homes

Instigated Midland Metro

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 13th April 2008