December 7th 2019

Vile BNP

I understand that the vile BNP are to once again stand here in Wednesfield North.
They are, terrible racist opportunists, they have not contributed anything to the life of Wednesfield North except come election time, when they are around pedalling their hatred and propaganda.

I do hope that my friends neighbours and fellow constituents are not taken in by their three weeks of campaigning. Interestingly the Liberal Democrats are also standing this year, again no doubt to try and help their colleagues in the Conservative Party rip this seat off of Labour. There is an active coalition being formed between these two Parties.

Clearly these are going to be tough elections, I am keen to stand on my record of achievement for this my community, the community that I live in. The community I come back to everyday, I do not believe any of the other candidates live in Wednesfield North.


Article Date: 4th April 2008