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Wednesfield North Labour News 22
Wednesfield North Labour News
Issue 22

£1million Investment in New Children's Centre

Interviews for senior administration and family support workers have now taken place for 'The Parks Children Centre' which is to be based at the Ashmore Park Nursery School in Griffith Drive Ashmore Park.

Councillor Phil Bateman said
"With the team now assembled and with work taking place on the construction of the centre. Residents can see the construction now taking place.

There is growing excitement about this £1m project. When the project is completed it will make a tremendous contribution to the health welfare and education of local children here in Ashmore Park and Wednesfield."
£70,000-for Ashmore Park
More good news for Ashmore Park with the Labour led City Council earmarking £70,000 of capital to rebuild the play ground for younger children in Ashmore Park
Councillor Phil Bateman said
" The playground is one item
and the information that I am receiving suggests that the
BMX track is also in line for an upgrade.

The playground looks like it will be a traditional playground
and will I am sure be well received by families that like to
use the Park with their children.

The project is to be achieved during the financial year 2008/9."

Wednesfield A Great Place To Live

Councillor Phil Bateman said “I am fiercely loyal to Wednesfield.

I have been honoured to serve my community in a variety of roles. Here during my term as Mayor of the City, I wore the Wednesfield Chains of Office .

Here I am at Wednesfield’s Parish Church of St Thomas’s during the Wednesfield Funday.

This was the first time they had been back in Wednesfield being worn on a duty since 1966!

Wood End Action

Councillor Phil Bateman of Wednesfield North Labour Party said today " I am still receiving complaints from residents about youngsters driving in the Wood End area without driving licences and driving in a manner that is dangerous to the public. I have of course passed that information onto the local police, and I fully expect them to seriously investigate the problem.”
Ashmore Park
31 individual youths have been identified as being involved in Anti Social Behaviour on Ashmore Park. Within this cohort there are 14 key perpetrators of youth nuisance. They have been written to requesting that the parent or guardian attend interviews. Councillor Phil Bateman said “I have been given much more information but I think that it is important that you the public know that action is being taken against this nuisance.”

More News From Ashmore Park
Ashmore Park had a visit from a Government Minister recently. Councillor Phil Bateman said “We discussed pressing housing issues including the re-development of Hodson House Sheltered Housing Scheme. The Minister for Local Government and Communities Iain Williams MP, met local residents and spoke with them about their experiences and their future requirements. Labour really does get results.”

Prestwood Avenue & Wood End Alleyway
Councillor Phil Bateman said "Residents in Wood End have asked me about an alleyway that runs between Prestwood Avenue and Wood End Road,

It is well used by parents taking children to school and is a link with the Ridge Lane area of Wood End with Wood End Road itself."

He added "The alleyway is in poor condition.

After very detailed research of the ownership I can confirm that this alleyway is neither a public right of way, or an adopted road.

I can inform residents that the City Council just cannot assume responsibility nor can it provide finance for a scheme that it does not own. The investigation has shown that the City has no responsibility whatsoever for this alleyway. No maintenance will take place financed from the public purse.”

Read the full results of this investigation on
Phil & Mary at Buckingham Palace

Here Mary joins me for the photograph following my award of the MBE at Buckingham Palace “ for services to West Midlands Transport”

Phil said “ As with any job you have to have the full support of your wife. I am lucky as I have always had the benefit of the support of Mary.

When I discussed if I should offer my self again for re-election there was no hesitation in her support for the decision.

So here we are again standing for The Labour Party and asking residents to once again give your support to a representative that lives within the community.

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Problems associated with fast speeding cars and local policing issues on the Walsall side of Coppice Farm have annoyed Walsall residents.
Councillor Phil Bateman said this issue of speeding cars on Coppice Farm Way and other streets in Walsall were brought to my attention by Walsall residents.

I explained that they were issues that I had no jurisdiction over and suggested that they contacted own representatives.

I have now received a letter from David Winnick MP where he outlines what he has done to address the problems his residents have now raised.

I am sure that in dealing with some of the policing problems in Walsall there will be a positive knock on effects for Coppice Farm residents living in Wednesfield
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Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 3rd April 2008