December 7th 2019

Wednesfield Is Rev-ving Up!

With the City Council election looming, election plans are being rev-ved up across the City. Wednesfield North will be no different from the other 60 Wards in this city as we plan to hold this seat for Labour.
Make no mistake this will be a keenly fought contest, and the Conservative Party have already declared that it is one of their target seats.

But I am unlikely to allow that to happen! During this campaign I would like residents of Wednesfield North not to look back over one year of Council endeavours. I want residents to look back over 25 years through out that quarter of a century of advocacy I have been active helping people and families. I do not know exactly during this period how many people that I have helped. Be it a housing repair,a new home, advice on benefits, support with the police, action on rubbish. What I do know is that the number will stretch to hundreds upon hundreds of Wednesfield folk.

I do know that a great many people have spoken to me, phoned me, or visited my home or surgery over all those many years that I have been a dedicated representative for Wednesfield North.

I am proud of my work in this city. I look with pride at the changes that I have with others made to this great City . Some of those initiatives are small some are large many are still very visible today.

The native trees that were planted in Wednesfield High Street still stand and have softened the stark landscape that was there before their planting. I campaigned for those trees very hard, when I was on the old West Midlands County Council back in the 1980's. But everytime I wander down the High Street I look with satisfaction at the way they have grown, throwing shade on hot days, adding a leafy canopy to the street scene.

The Ashmore Park Youth Club and the Games Barn extension, completed following a difficult campaign, again with money I persuaded the County Council to offer Wolverhampton! How many thousands of our children and their children's children have used this facility since the 1980's!

The Metro took many years of my life, but it sits there carrying 5m passengers a year, I can remember a whole range of politicians scoffing at the plans. Conservative Leader Jim Carpenter stood in Council berating me saying it was a waste of public money and that it was a 'pie in the sky idea'. Not so and the development opportunities the tram system is bringing to that Black Country corridor is to benefit this city and the Black Country way into the future.Never mind the jobs it brought during its construction and the people it is carrying to new jobs that have been created since! I look forward to seeing the Metro extended.

The car parks and the improvements made to the shopping parade, the road safety scheme in Linthouse Lane, the Essington and Wyrley Canal improvements which will benefit anglers,walkers, residents that back onto the canal, and of course boaters!

All of those schemes and scores of others are down in whole or in part to my activities. I am a fierce advocate of Wednesfield. I am proud of the Village and the community I live in.

During the year I was Mayor I tried very hard to raise funds for charity almost Ģ30,000 was distributed at the end of that year. Mary and I also bought and gave 'gifts' to commemorate our year in office both for the city, and for the Parish Church of Wednesfield.

We also tried very hard to help where we could a range of both individuals and organisations. We were pleased to provide a 'belt bucket and sling ' for the Royal British Legion so that the standard bearers can carry their emblems more comfortably.

We also have commemerated our Mayoral year by investing in an 'Oil Set' for St Thomasīs Church. We have been very well served by St Thomasīs and we wanted to recognise the partnership we established with Rev John Points who acted as the Mayorīs Chaplain during our year.

We were advised that the Church would appreciate an `Oil Setī so we have purchased one to assist in Church Services. Both Mary and I have been very fortunate to belong to the Church. We were married in the Church and the family have a long record of belonging to the Parish Church.

An 'oil set' is a small gift but it is used extensively in Church Services. How neat is that, and what a wonderful way to commemorate a Wednesfield Councillor's pride in his Church and community!

So when you consider the candidate that you want to represent you in the quiet of the Polling Booth, just think on who will best represent your aspirations, consider who already has a track record of building a better Wednesfield and a better Wolverhampton. Who it is that lives in the heart of your community, and who it is that still has a passion to represent you !

I have outlined here some of the work that I have done, and some of the policy development that I am proud of, but I have contributed much more than those that have been listed!

I am proud of my community and proud of the work I carry out in the communities name. I do hope that you will continue to support and vote for me into the future.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 27th March 2008