December 13th 2019

Inspiring Support!

Meeting the Minister In Hodson House With Residents

What is certain during this City Council election campaign here in Wednesfield North, to turn the vote out we are going to have to inspire the community.
The Labour Party according to the latest national polls are 13% behind the Conservatives. So the situation is quite clear, the Conservatives have a lead and it is imperative that we turn them over!

Here in Wednesfield North voters will have the chance to compare the local candidates on offer for the City Council elections soon. Whilst the list of candidates is not due to be announced until the 8th April we do know that the Conservative candidate is not resident in Wednesfield North.

Municipal elections are very different from General Elections.

Here I hope that local residents in Wednesfield North will support the candidate that inspires them the most.

A candidate that will be able through experience to attain desired investment, social programmes and of course help the individual. I have been very succesful in dealing with a whole range of issues in the last four years of my term of office.

I am hopeful that my candidacy is inspiring to Wednesfield, I want our families to mobilize and make their voices heard. If you know about Wednesfield you know what's at stake in this election, and if you are identifying with the candidate who will best advocate for your families in the Council Chamber, then I hope that you will be standing alongside me!

Let me know if you would like to help my campaign. Every little helps like taking a poster for your window, allow your name to be listed with other residents to give a public endorsement of me on this web site, agree to post a few leaflets in your street, or just agree to ask your next door neighbour to vote for Phil!

Mel Cappe The Canadian High Commissioner Who Visited Wednesfield

Many of you will know that I am a tireless worker for the residents of Wednefield North, the City and the Region. Here are just a few photographs as a reminder of the work that I have undertaken in this term of office.

Meeting Adele Peers & Her Mother After the Hurricane

During the Hurricane that struck New Orleans in 2005 I contacted Governor Blanco of Louisiana expressing our Citys sympathy and condolences. It was a very difficult period for New Orleans and the City at that time.

I received confirmation from the Governor's staffers that our message had been forwarded to Governor Blanco for her attention it read " Councillor Bateman, Thank you for your care and concern. Your email has been forwarded to
Governor Blanco."

Just following that message came the information that Adele Peers from Fallings Park was missing in the storm. I spent a good deal of time trying to help locate her
at a time when the communications with that great city was very poor due to storm damage.

Everything turned out well and I met Adele Peers with her Mother later in the year as this picture showed. It is at times like these that you want to be able to turn to a politician that can understand and will busy themselves on your behalf.

Freedom Of The City For Princess Irene Brigade-Holland

Inspiring is a big word to live up to! But I did feel inspired myself when the Royal British Legion's Bob Brown of Wednesfield approached me to ask for my support to give The Princess Irene Brigade of the Netherlands the title of Freedom Regiment.

Because it was a 'foreign' army I had to do much to convince Whitehall and then I gained the support of the City Council. I achieved what I was after and the City voted the 'freedom' to Princess Irene Brigade. I know how proud I felt when this happened.

So my message is a simple one, feel inspired, come and join me in my camapign to be re-elected. You know that your vote will be used to its most utmost capacity as we shape our community and our city for the future.

Author: Bob Jones- Election Agent

Article Date: 21st March 2008