June 17th 2024

Danesmore Park - Education Authority Demand

Danesmore Park School is to close and open up again after the New Year fully merged with Oak Meadow School as the Adjudicator decided.
I have been asking the City Council's Education Authority questions, following an issue over contracts (see the Danesmore Park section on this web site for background) but I have been told that in no uncertain terms by a senior education official that....

-Education Official-"I can only respond to these questions if my response is treated in confidence. Please advise".

I have responded to that official by stating that I cannot give him that undertaking. It is clear from his response that the questions I am posing are causing education some difficulty in responding? But why should that be?

The questions are not earth shattering! They are about minutes of the Governing Body, issues relating to contracts, supervision and governance.

What this means I think I will leave it for you the reader to make your own minds up. It is perhaps a serious pointer to the behind the scenes activity, but who knows?

But it appears my questions (that are just a reflection of what a number of you have asked me in the past weeks) , is very difficult for the Authority to respond to at this moment.

The series of questions that I have asked are really just the normal line of enquiry that you would follow, but what I do know is that the response I have received is a tad unusual!

Just for the record I have asked the official to quote the legislation that allows him to bar me from the information I have requested.

But I am not going to make waves over this issue, I will keep in touch with the Education Department. I fully expect them to provide an answer to the question about the legislation that they are using to deny me the response I have requested.

Finally for the Wolverhampton City Press and Media.I shall not be making any further comment on this matter. Any further developments will be reported on this site, Councillor Phil Bateman On Line."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 8th December 2007