August 15th 2020

Water Awards Flushed With Success!

Councillor Phil Bateman said today "Last night at the Quality Inn in Walsall. I performed a very enjoyable service for South Staffordshire Water Company. As Chairman Of the South Staffordshire Water Consultative Committee I was asked to make a short speech and present Supplier Awards for the company."
Mr Jack Carnell Managing Director South Staffordshire Water Company kicked the evening off by welcoming all the guests to the evenings event.He explained that this was the first such event of its kind, and that he hoped that it would be key event in future calendars. He explained the concept behind the awards, and urged everyone to enjoy the evening, thanking his staff for the effort that they had made not only to make this night a success. But also for their effort in ensuring that South Staffordshire Water Company continued to perform with the Industry leaders.

Councillor Phil Bateman said "I drew attention to the fact that South Staffordshire Water Company served over 1 million customers. They were well thought of in the industry as they were a 'quality provider' of efficient water services.

I drew attention that to be seen as one of the best water providers in the UK, they also need to be able to work in partnership with other quality suppliers, all working with one aim. That aim is 'excellence' the 12 company's that received the Awards had been recognised as having those attributes.

The whole night was about recognising and rewarding good product, excellent service with the goal being to provide for the 1 million consumers of South Staffordshire Water Company efficient and effective water at affordable prices, at a quality that is recognised by the Water Inspectorate as being amongst the best in the Country.

It was the first ceremony of this type and I commend the company for its decision to recognise and reward their supplier chain in an innovative and uniquely enjoyable way."

There were twelve awards made covering a range of suppliers who's goods and services were seen to be key to the overall provision of excellent and efficient water services to customers of South Staffordshire Water Company.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 24th March 2007