September 26th 2020

More Bus Shelters Smashed

More attacks on bus shelters in Lichfield Road and elsewhere in Wednesfield North is leaving residents both upset and frustrated.
Councillor Bateman said today " This vandalism of the public realm is really upsetting as it means that the yobs that enjoy smashing these important public facilities only add to the public expenditure as the repair and the damage is paid for from tax.

This latest orgy of bus shelter attacks was witnessed taking place in the early hours of Sunday morning. The police have been informed as has Centro.

Again we are only going to be able to stop these events if the community can come up with a name. The police alone will not achieve this. So I again make an appeal for anyone with information on this or other similar crime to contact the police."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 18th February 2007