September 26th 2020

Crime Down On Ashmore Park

At the Ashmore Park Police Liaison Committee Meeting last night Wednesfield Police made very sure that the meeting understood that crime on the estate is down. Not only down, but spectacularly down!
Councillor Phil Bateman said " Wednesfield North Conservative Party and their candidate in the next election have been distributing their Party propaganda to residents in Ashmore Park suggesting that 'crime is on the increase'. This Newsletter is factually incorrect and does not hold water. It is in fact aimed at frightening people.

It is a tragedy that they feel that they can produce this nonsense and expect support.

Crime on the estate is down according to the police, who attended the meeting and informed all those present that crime was down by a massive 39% on last years December figures.

They stated that in 2005 in December that there were 81 recorded crimes, in December 2006 that figure had tumbled down to 59!

Clearly that is 59 crimes too many but it isn't the doom and gloom that these people who do not live in Wednesfield and are not part of the community want you to believe.

I also want to praise the police for capturing the one person that was responsible for 7 vehicles crimes in one night. It is this sort of individual that is a menace to our community. All credit to the police who have arrested him for these crimes."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 31st January 2007