September 26th 2020

Row Developing On Crime Figures

Controversial messages about crime continues to grow as West Midlands Police confirm that crime incidents on Neighbourhood 18 (Ashmore Park) has continued to decline.
Councillor Phil Bateman had written to Inspector Turley about 'mixed' messages that were being given.

The response from the Police has been very positive with Inspector Turley stating that " there is only one message from us and that is that recorded crime in Ashmore Park has fallen in October November and December 2006 when compared with recorded crime for the area October November and December 2005 and our intent is to continue this trend."

Councillor Bateman added that this was an important statement as there were some erroneous reports circulating that suggested quite the opposite.

I am pleased that our neighbourhoods are displaying very positive signs. Crime and the fear of crime is one of the priority areas of policy for this Labour Council. I commend the police and all the citizens of our Ward who have helped the police tackle all sorts of crime."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 24th January 2007