June 17th 2024

Cabinet Report On Education Now Available

On Ashmore Park pupil numbers fell by 36% or 3.9% between January 2005 and January 2006, which is above the City average. By January 2007 there will be 220 surplus places( 20% of capacity) on the estate. This is the equivalent of a one form entry primary school standing empty.
Councillor Phil Bateman said "There is obvious local interest in the current education debate taking place on Ashmore Park, more than 13,000 'hits' have been recorded on this web site alone as individuals continue to read and involve themselves in the debate.

The issues surrounding the closure of Danesmore Park are emotional as well as managerial. The latest report from the LEA, which will go to Cabinet on the 24th January states that at the close of the period for informal consultation.

That 273 responses had been received indicating views on one or more of the three specific proposals identified in the paper.

The report suggests that those responses give an indication of support for and against the proposals.

Closure of Danesmore School 180 responses for this course of action 76 against.

Urgent consultation with Diocesan Authorities 183 for and 15 against

Improving Facilities at Oak Meadow 97 for and 84 against

There have also been 323 separate comments covering 34 separate areas of policy. There have also been 79 individual correspondents who have commented on the particular value to the children and or the community in keeping Danesmore Park open.

The second most frequent comment reported are the 68 statements related to the wish to keep St Albans Primary School open.

There were 31 other submissions which wanted other schools besides Oak Meadow Primary School to benefit from development.

Twenty-six people commented that they felt that the church provision in the area was important, whilst another 25 expressed concern about the impact on provision for special needs in the area, particularly if the Resource Base was to close. These five areas were the ones that generated the most written comment.

One of the Danesmore Park Primary School Governors formal suggestions is if the School has to face closure, that they 'amalgamate' with St Albans in order to remove surplus places. The report points out that this would require the closure of both schools and the creation of an entirely new school."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 21st January 2007