August 15th 2020

South Staffs Water continues to provide ‘Best Value for Money’ for its customers

The Birmingham based, water regulator, OFWAT, has issued a report confirming that customers of South Staffordshire Water are receiving the highest standards of service. The Company received the full five gold stars from Ofwat for the range of measures used to determine service standards.

Ofwat use a measure to assess companies' overall delivery of service to customers. Of the 22 water companies in England and Wales, South Staffordshire is ranked as having the 3rd highest score for service to customers as it did in the previous year. This top performance for the levels of service confirms that customers receive high standards of customer service, that drinking water quality is of the highest standard; that there are few incients of low pressure or supply interruptions; and the Company is promotes a sustainable local water environment.

Director of Customer Services, Rachel Barber, stated: "We are delighted that, once again, the regulator has recognised the excellent service we provide to our customers. In other industries it is common for those companies providing an exceptional service to charge their customers a premium price. Thankfully we can deliver excellent service at a very competitive price to give our customers ‘Best Value for Money’. The average household water bill in the South Staffordshire area is 25% lower that the national average".

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 8th November 2006