October 20th 2020

Beware Of Scams

The rise and rise of petrol stations fraud and the scanning of detailed bank information from crooked petrol station staff and 'hole in the wall' scams is of major concern
Councillor Phil Bateman spoke out today as yet another scam has broken in the Black Country with the police investigating a petrol station where it is suspected identity fraud has taken place.

He said " This is turning into quite a dodge, no longer rare, it looks as though it is in gaining in popularity with crooks.

I think petrol station and their management must take a closer look at their security arrangements as must the Banks. I cannot understand how this scanning equipment can be fitted with-out the management of either the bank or the petrol station knowing? In my mind the top brass at these cash points should have by now set up management systems so that their equipment is checked, continually during the 24 hour periods they are in use.

We all benefit from the ability of getting our cash from these places, and if like me, you use them because they are convenient and often very local. What we don't want though is to have our financial information robbed from us allowing some one to 'scoop' our own bank account, and worse assume your financial identity because the petrol receipts taken off your credit card were nicked!

My appeal today is for the industry to set out clearly what we the customer can expect when we use the facilities provided."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 29th October 2006