October 20th 2020

Can You Help The Police?

There is of course continued interest in the way that the Ward and Wednesfield is policed and residents do regularly request information about law and order information.
Councillor Phil Bateman said "It was with regret that I learnt that a large group of youths on the estate in the vicinity of the Ashmore Inn were acting with no regard to the community and causing some disquiet. This kind of activity is very threatening to some of our older members of the community.

I have also had a Wednesfield resident complain to me about the actions of another group of 4 young men who beat their son and three of his friends up on the Lichfield Road early last Sunday morning. Not only did they violently attack them, they robbed them of their possessions including mobile phones. Any one with any information on these two incidents I would urge to contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 and they can give the information they have anonymously."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 28th October 2006