August 15th 2020

Alleygates Now Locked

Councillor Phil Bateman said today " I had been asked by residents living near the Tonadine Close Garage Site on Ashmore Park about the reason why the newly fitted 'Alleygates' have been left open since there erection in August!
Residents will recall that these sites have been 'gated' to increase the security of the garage site and hence the security of dwellings that back onto the sites. Officers have informed that the plan was to lock the gates on the 8th September, and those residents with permission to access the site would have contact the Estate Services team in order to have a key issued to them.

Unfortunately in the meantime, another person fitted their own padlock to the gate!. This prevented Wolverhampton Homes being able to fit a bolt into place, and therefore the gates could not be locked or closed....When this person was contacted they informed officers that they had lost the key to their padlock!

The area caretakers were then asked to cut the padlock off, but this proved problematic they say.

Finally a contractor was engaged to removed the padlock, and from the 6th October the gates could now be locked. It is without doubt a most interesting explanation, but I am hopeful that the local community will be happy that the gates are now doing the job that they were designed for!"

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 17th October 2006