June 18th 2024

'Cars-ters' In Noise Complaints!

Residents are complaining in Ashmore Avenue about late night noise coming from 'boy racers' also called 'cars-ters' that are promenading on the estate in cars without proper 'muffled' exhaust pipes on their vehicles. Even worse than that they are using the 'Park' to show off their vehicles.
Residents want action from the Police, and from the City Council, they don't feel that on these hot summer nights that it is fair for the younger children to be kept awake by the 'roaring' of cars. They also feel that the main gates to the Park should be locked as they used to be around 9.00pm.

Councillor Phil Bateman said " I shall be contacting the Police to see if they will take a look at this particular nuisance. I shall also contact the Leisure Services of the City Council to ensure that they are also going to take some action to bring some control back onto this important community facility. I know that residents have also been in touch with Ken Purchase MP and I have agreed to meet with him to discuss these issues soon."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 20th July 2006