August 15th 2020

Broad Lane North/South

The preliminary consultation that has taken place with residents in Broad Lane North and Broad Lane South dealing with speed and collision problems early this year led to 79 written responses from residents living in this area.
Councillor Phil Bateman said " As we wait for the City Councils Transport Department to inform residents of the next steps that are to be taken in tackling the speed and collision problems that exist. I think it is useful to know that 79 individual responses were received by the City Council,
with the bulk of the responses being made from Broad Lane South area.

I think that this is understandable considering the number of collisions and people injury were at the junction with Stubby Lane& Pool Hayes Lane.

Many of the residents that responded in Broad Lane North spoke of the speed that some vehicles attained as they approached the canal bridge using the 'bridge to get airborne was one complaint!

The majority of comments made by these residents in Broad Lane North requested 'speed cameras' but there was also strong opinion against road humps'.

Clearly this was only a first step and further consultation will now take place that will be detailed and will be specific to the proposals that will be explained by officers as to the detailed scheme that is soon to be announced."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 23rd September 2005