June 18th 2024

3,000 Pensioners In Wednesfield North Get Good News!

So now we have it here in Wolverhampton North East , Gordon Brown's budget has ensured that 16,100 pensioners get an extra 200 a year following Labours recent budget.
Pensioner's will get 200 refunded from their Council tax bill! Good news for Wolverhampton North East and very good news for those 3,247 pensioners that live in Wednesfield North in particular.
Labour wants all pensioners to have a decent and secure income in retirement. Our first priority was to provide a boost in the incomes of the poorest pensioners and make sure that people who have worked hard share in the country's rising prosperity. In Wolverhampton North East, 14,960 pensioners receive the basic state pension worth 79.60 for singles or 127.25 for couples (2004). 16,100 pensioners benefit from the Winter Fuel Allowance, worth at least 200, plus 100 for those over 80. In addition, Labour introduced free TV licenses for over 75s, free eye tests and reduced the Tories' VAT on fuel from eight per cent to five per cent. The poorest pensioners are now significantly better off.

Our next challenge is to address the group of pensioners who've managed to save something for their retirement but who - until now - have found that it is knocked straight off their benefit entitlement, leaving them no better off than those who have not saved at all. We introduced the Pension Credit to reward saving. 5,270 pensioner households in Wolverhampton North East are now benefiting from Pension Credit, with a local average award of 40.4 a week.

Labour continually shows that it is the Party of the Pensioner.....If you want to join the Wednesfield North Labour Party e-mail this address.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 19th March 2005