June 17th 2024

Abandoned Cars to Go Go!

Councillor Phil Bateman today welcomed a new scheme that should quickly help to rid the streets of Wednesfield North of abandoned cars. He said " The new arrangements that the City Council has announced can only be seen as being very useful in ridding the streets of abandoned cars. Whilst we do not have too much of a problem here. Nevertheless the scheme will be seen as valuable, as it will help lots of communities in other parts of Wolverhampton."
Wolverhampton City Council has teamed up with two local businesses to rid the city of dangerous and unsightly abandoned vehicles.

To put a halt to the environmental hazard of abandoned vehicles, the Council has launched a scheme inviting residents to have them disposed of – free of charge.

Residents with a motor vehicle they no longer want can drive them to T L Harvey of Bilston or Church Road Motors of Bradmore. Alternatively, the companies will tow away unroadworthy vehicles, again free of charge.

The Council’s Cabinet Member for Environmental Services Councillor Andrew Johnson said: “Abandoned vehicles are an ugly blot on our environment.

“The people who dump their old cars have little consideration for our neighbourhoods – or the cost to the council taxpayer of removing their cars. They are also causing danger to the public.

“We’re delighted to take part in this new free service and hope that those tempted to blight our environment with their wrecks will think again.”

The scheme is part of a national campaign by the Keep Britain Tidy group to tackle the problem of abandoned vehicles. However, while the national campaign is set to last for two weeks, in Wolverhampton it is to be extended for an indefinite period.

Residents in Wolverhampton with a vehicle to dispose of should call T L Harvey on Phone: (01902) 492144 or Church Road Motors on Phone: (01902) 334914

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 25th January 2005