June 18th 2024

A few little Jobs

Here are just a few requests that I have had from residents living in Wednesfield North over the last week or so. It gives a good insight into the work of a local Councillor.
Councillor Phil Bateman said "As well as updating readers of the changes to services and the built environment, I am being requested to make.
*A request for a ‘No ball games’ sign on Whitehouse Crescent Ashmore Park
*Concerns over youths gathering at the ‘top shops’ on Ashmore Park
*Damaged Garages in Coppice Close, request that action is taken to repair
*Bike riders compromising the safety of pedestrians on the Shopping Parade on Ashmore Park.
*Dog fouling

As you can see these are all concerns that are raised by local people all of whom are keen to see some action taken. I have been in touch with the Authorities on each of the issues."

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 28th August 2004