June 15th 2024

Even More Facilities

Dear Readers

There has been some slight modifications made to this site to make the web page a little more interesting and a little more interactive. The Discussion site is now really easy to use.

Click on the 'discussions' button, near the top of this page to enter the discussions area and click on any of the main discussion topics listed. This will list all the comments that have been posted under your chosen discussion. To add your own comments, just click on the 'post response' button and enter your first and last name and your e-mail address (optional but your e-mail address is never displayed on the site) and then enter your comments in the 'text' box. Click the 'add' button and that's it, your comments will be displayed.

I hope that this will encourage more people to take pat in the topics listed. Also there is a drop down box on the Home page that will take you to past articles and stories from the Ward through to Speeches and crime and the police!

Enjoy using Phil Bateman on Line.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 26th July 2004