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Wyvern Park Investment Programme

Wyvern Park Gets Boost

Council tenants in Wyvern Park are to benefit over the next two years by a massive investment in their homes by Wolverhampton City Council.

Councillor Bateman Gwen Stafford Good and Dave Jones ;Labour Fighting For Wednesfield.

Councillor Phil Bateman said “The fact of the matter is that Wyvern Park Estate is to see the following programme taking place all funded by the City Council.
1) PVCu Window Replacement Programme - Properties in Wyvern Close, Marlowe Drive & Peach Road
(40 properties in total) included in the 2005/06 programme. Budget Cost -£100,000
2) External Painting/Window Repair Programme - Properties in Wyvern Park included in the 2003/04 programme. Actual Cost - (a) Pre Painting Repairs -£6,134.00, (b) External Painting - £11,404.00
3) Central Heating & Insulation Programme 2004/05 - 6 x post-war houses. Budget Cost - £21,000

Councillor Phil Bateman said “ Whilst everything cannot be done at once this programme shows that there is a solid commitment by the City Council to improve the living standards of its tenants.

It isn’t just Council tenants that will benefit the City Council investment will improve the look of the estate and that will benefit everyone. I have also had a request from residents to have a look at the state of the footways and I have made a safety case for their re-instatement. I am very reliably informed that there is a possibility of getting this programme brought forward a little.

Money for this estate has already been allocated over the next 2 years. Gandy Road is currently included in the programme for 2005/06, although it may be possible to bring it forward to this year (2004/05) depending on how things go with projects elsewhere in the programme.

I have checked the most recent safety inspection results for Gandy Road (31 December 2003), and there were no emergency defects recorded at the time. Emergency defects are called Category 1 and are repaired within 24 hours. Non-emergency defects, Category 2, are repaired within planned programmes of work.
I have asked the Highways Inspector for the area to have a look at Gandy Road and, if necessary, arrange for temporary repairs to be carried out.

There is also proposal for Wyvern Close to receive refurbishment of its footways. But the advocacy does not stop there. I am keen for the Officers to put together a comprehensive plan to deal with this estate.
Wyvern Park is a nice estate but the pavements are quite dangerous to elderly people as well as the very young, there are quite a lot of defects in the footways.
but strong arguments have been made by me recently.
Councillor Phil Bateman further added “Therefore I have asked for the Highways department to have a look at the pavements across the whole estate. They have informed me that we have problems in these further pavements.

• 44 defects in Peach Road
• 23 defects in Marlowe Drive
• 3 defects in Severn Close
• 7 defects in Len Davies Road
There is a fighting chance that we can get these dangerous pavements put right in a shorter period than envisaged. In the meantime if residents would care to tell me about any trips or falls experienced I will use it for evidence of the danger faced by pedestrians.”

Councillor Phil Bateman, Gwen Stafford Good and Dave Jones Your Labour Team vote for all three Labour Candidates in the City Council Elections.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 18th May 2004