June 17th 2024

Accolades not Criticism!

Ashmore Park Youth Workers received accolades and not bullets when the Ashmore Park Police Liaison Committee recently met!

Councillor Phil Batman said “Only a matter of months ago there was some strong criticism coming from the community concerning the fact that the Youth Club and its facilities on the estate were underused and under worked. The criticism was that not enough effort was being made by the Youth Service to make the good facilities that we have in Wednesfield North work successfully.

But the latest report that we received was really very encouraging. Youth workers spoke of the trips to Telford that they had organised, of the youth centre being open for use day and night. The launch of a new soccer Wednesfield Mini League on Saturday mornings. A first aid course being set up, a new Twilight League for football in conjunction with Wolverhampton Wanderers. Also a lot more of the traditional youth club activities.

There was also consultation taking place with youngsters about the potential for a skate park on the estate.

A new web site was even being set up that would give information about skateboarding. Even better was the news that attendance had risen by an extra 20 youngsters, taking the normal attendance up to 80 persons regularly.

All these activities were praised by the community and West Midlands Police who were keen to see bored youngsters in Clubs and not on the streets. I am happy to say that the Police Liaison Committee praised the new found enthusiasm and energy that was being exhibited. I for my part am really pleased that along with the events taking place at Danesmore Park School and now the youth club we can really hope to make a difference and improve the facilities for youngsters in the Ward.”

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 13th April 2004