June 18th 2024

Arrested 800 Times

At last nights Ashmore Park Police Liaison Committee more than 40 residents heard from local police officers how they were policing their community.
Some of the individual complaints were still about youngsters taking and drinking alcohol and in general not being able to control their behaviour afterwards.
Councillor Phil Bateman said “West Midland Police Officers told that in the last 24 hours that they had caught an 18 year old girl with six under age girls with nine bottles of wine bought legally.

Residents were horrified as this type of tale was recanted almost every night. The police went onto explain that the wine was confiscated and that the young girls were to be visited in their home and the 18 year old girl would receive a fine through the Governments new anti social legislation.

West Midlands Police went onto explain that another person. Who residents & shop keepers were complaining about. Because of his constant drunken behaviour. Including urinating in full view of the public this week on the shopping parade! was indeed a bit of an embarrassment to everyone. He obviously needed some help and constant arrest did not seem to mend his ways.

Residents were shocked to be told that he had suffered 800 arrests since 1982!

I think that there are some concerns here that society is not dealing with this person very well and I shall contact the City Council to see if we can intervene. There is obviously a major problem here that needs sorting.”

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 7th April 2004