June 18th 2024

Booze Binge Uncovered

Wednesfield North Labour Party has been waging an anti litter and garbage campaign to clean up Wednesfield North now for over a year.

Dave Jones Secretary of Wednesfield North Labour Party and a Candidate for Wednesfield North in this years City Council elections discovered more garbage dumped by underage drinkers on the Ashmore Park Bowling Club.

Dave said “Wednesfield North Labour Party has been running a campaign to clean up the area for over a year. Much has been done and we have had garage sites at Whist on avenue Sandy Crescent Thornley Close and the Kitchen Lane Conservation site cleaned up.

Yet there are still people that will drop their garbage and leave it to fester and cause a threat to both the environment and other people. Sadly this morning I had the unpleasant task of finding even more garbage dumped on the Bowling Green. Not only is this maddening but I suspect that the bottles and cans are all that is left from an underage drinking binge that has taken place over the week –end.

I have been up to-day having discovered the mess with my daughter and other members of the Labour Party and cleaned the bottles and cans and take away mess up. We really do need to be able to bring some pride back into our communities. Stop the littering and also stop the under age boozing that is gripping some of our young people.”

Candidates fighting Wednesfield North for Labour are Councillor Phil Bateman, Gwen Stafford Good and Dave Jones.

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 15th March 2004