August 15th 2020

Call for Action Answered!

Success in this campaign

Wednesfield North Labour Party is still receiving information about rubbish that is being dumped in City Council owned garages and car park sites.
In this particular garage site off Ashmore Ave Ashmore Park, resident Mrs Iris Major points out a pile of NHS newspapers that have been dumped in the site.

Iris Major Demanded Action-And She Got It!

Councillor Gwen Stafford Good said at the time of reporting this incident, “We have been fighting to get these sites cleared of rubbish, and it seems the more we do, the more gets reported. I have know doubt before the end of the week residents will want to report more of the same.”

This particular dumping episode revealed hundreds of NHS Walsall free newspapers had been strewn around the site and the approach to the site.

Councillor Phil Bateman added,” There is a real issue of control and management that needs to be addressed on these Council owned sites. What we have outlined in our campaign with residents, is that there are too many people who are only to willing to discard there unwanted junk just anywhere. It is not just a City Council problem it is a society problem. But both Councillor Stafford Good and I want to see is first the sites cleared. Then some legal action taken against those that create the nuisance for others.”
The good news is that this rubbish has now been cleared, the City Council are looking at how they can bring more effective management to this particular site. So its well done Gwen and Iris Major for reporting this episode!

Author: Phil Bateman

Article Date: 14th April 2003