June 17th 2024
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City Election 2008

By Election-A Councillor's Sex Business!

I think that Wednesfield will be full of outrage when they read the story about Councillor David Bourne and Councillor Carol Bourne offering group sex at the same time that they posture as being the pillar's of our community.

I think that both these Councillors must resign. Not only have they conned people in thinking that 62 would be taken off the Counciltax payer's bill this year.

A promise that has yet not been honoured. But this man was the architecht of that campaign if you were to believe him! He also it seems is untrustworthy and a liability.

I believe that these Councillors must resign now. The situation is doubly concerning because this man who has a penchant for sex is also in a very sensitive position in the schools set up

Here is what is on the Wolverhampton City Council Web Site which details Councillor Bourne's contact and profile details.

Councillor David Julian Bourne Decisions | Declarations


Party : Conservative
Ward : Wednesfield North Ward
Elected : 18/05/2006

Pen Picture:
Election History:
Member of the Council between 2003-2004 and from 2006 to date;
Cabinet Member for Children and Young People;

Forthcoming surgeries are listed elsewhere on this website.

The personal email address for Councillor Bourne is:

Address: 41 Telford Gardens
Merry Hill
Home Telephone: 01902 330669
Work Telephone: 01902 555009
Mobile: 07961 146750
Fax: 01902 555061
Web Site:
NOTE: The council is not responsible for any information
contained on members' personal web sites.
Election History

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